The Indian Trail Percussion Ensembles have a strong tradition of excellence. In the last seven years, over twenty Indian Trail percussion ensembles have gone to State in the WSMA Solo Ensemble Festival. The ensembles perform extremely challenging and exciting music throughout the year. Many Indian Trail percussionists have been selected for the WSMA State Band, Jazz and Orchestra programs.

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The percussion program is led by Mr. John Stolfe.  As a director, clinician & percussion coach, Mr. Stolfe has taught groups that have performed at venues around the US including: Disney World, the United Nations in New York City, the Bands of America Marching Band Championships, the Minnesota Percussion Association, the Indiana Percussion Association, Winter Guard International, the Wisconsin State Marching Band Championships & the Illinois Marching Band Championships.

Mr. Stolfe is the founder and owner of Stolfe’s Portside Percussion Studio, an independent percussion studio which opened in September 2005 in Kenosha, WI. He has taught hundreds of students of all ages private percussion lessons, master classes and group ensemble instruction. Additionally, he has coordinated, sponsored and facilitated various workshops with industry performing artists and leading educators in the field of percussion education. 

Since 1987, Mr. Stolfe has worked in school settings, and is experienced as a jazz band director, pit orchestra director, drum line coach, percussion ensemble director, and clinician. He has provided educational/consultative services to schools and music programs throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. He has consulted on numerous percussion education publications including, A Fresh Approach to the Drum Set by Mark Wessels and Modern School for Mallet Instruments by Jim Sewrey, Ben Hans & Tom Schellner.

As a performing musician, Mr. Stolfe has performed as a percussionist and drum set performer with numerous ensembles in the orchestral, concert band, jazz, and pop genres, both in live and studio settings. For 30+ years, he has performed in the pit orchestras of many music theater productions between Milwaukee and Chicago. Currently,  Mr. Stolfe performs with the Greendale Community Theater, the World Stage Theatre, and Trinity Lutheran Church - Kenosha, WI. During the summer of 2013, he performed with the World Stage Theatre group for their off-Broadway premier at the historic Cherry Lane Theater in New York City...New York’s longest running off-Broadway theater.

In organizational and corporate settings, Mr. Stolfe has facilitated various team building and organizational development workshops, utilizing drumming and percussion instruments as the modality for delivering a memorable and effective learning experience. He has studied drum circle facilitation with Arthur Hull, Christine Stevens, Dave Holland and Kenya Masala.

Mr. Stolfe is an active member of the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) and in a member of the Vic Firth Education Team.